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BOQUA® Aquatic Fitness Programs

Water is a surrounding medium and provides the body 360-degrees of support. This support helps to improve your body awareness which assists in improving movement and preventing injury. Water workouts also improve dynamic stability and strength simultaneously.

Water provides 3D multi-planar resistance. In other words, no matter how you move in the water the water constantly challenges your balance and provides resistance in any and all directions you move to provide balanced strength gains. All this in a safe environment which helps prevent and reduce injuries.

The BOQUA® programs do this in shallow water, deep water, with high intensity, with low intensity, and in ways that help improve the brain body connection and the brain-body balance and control. Utilizing movement of athletics with the resistance and safety of water  the BOQUA® programs functionally challenge and improve the total conditioning of your mind and body

BOQUA Programs

ARC2 enterprises has spent the past 4 years developing 3 programs that will completely and effectively improve how your body and mind feel, move, and function. There are three different workouts to improve your health using our exercise product (bõqs®) and the BOQUA® System:

BOQUA® CLASSIC (shallow water)

  • High energy ; moderate to high intensity
  • Complete body strength gains
  • Complete core activation
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Improved cardiac and aerobic conditioning

BOQUA® BALANCE - The Zen Of BOQUA® (shallow water)

  • Low energy; low to moderate intensity
  • Complete body engagement
  • Intense core activation
  • Improved body movement and control
  • Enhanced balance and proprioception

BOQUA® DEEP (deep water-utilizing the assistive support of noodles or belts)

  • High energy; moderate intensity
  • Complete mind/body engagement
  • Improve mind/body coordination
  • Complete core activation
  • Improved cardiovascular and aerobic conditioning

Indianapolis Area Boqua® Class Calendar

Boqua aquatic fitness class calendar in Indianapolis facebook link

BOQUA® Instructor Certification

If you are a certified personal trainer, or have a degree in a health related field (i.e. Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Athletic Training to mention a few), or have at least 2 years of group exercise experience, are comfortable around water and would like to add a new wrinkle to improve the overall health of your clients, contact ARC2 enterprises for more information on becoming an ARC2 enterprises BOQUA® Instructor.