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About bõqs®

Our Mission... bõq® Aquatic Fitness Equipment LLC is a dedicated and passionate team collaborating to promote a balanced, healthy, lifestyle by creating functional, effective and safe water fitness products that enrich the lives of our staff and clients.

Our Vision... To enrich lives through water exercise!.

After 3 years of testing and development, utilizing the principles of resistance and drag, bõqs® Aquatic Fitness Equipment (patented) have been completed. By providing a source of resistance that allows for continued strength gains through a complete range of motion, bõqs® are easy to use, big enough to provide enough resistance for all exercise and rehabilitation purposes and yet small enough to fit inside your luggage!

Water helps to improve both dynamic flexibility and strength. The properties of water- viscosity, drag, and density- help improve your balance, agility and coordination. bõqs® provide omni-directional resistance. Making use of both allow for the, building of balanced muscle strength and joint stability all while helping to reduce your risk for injury.

Your core is the foundation for all movements in your body. Because of the water’s properties and the resistance provided by the bõqs®, your core muscles will engage more often and more effectively.

The harder you work against the water the more the water works against you. The bõqs® were designed specifically to allow individuals to be able to constantly improve all areas of physical conditioning while maintaining proper form. If you use equipment that your body can’t control then you increase the possibility of improper form and injury.

Form, function, effectiveness and injury prevention are the mainstays in the production of any equipment the bõq® AFE Company produces or promotes.

Bringing everything together; Using bõqs® in the water will create gains in strength, speed, agility, and balance more quickly than many land-based programs while preventing injury! This equipment has many applications. They are used by both athletes and non-athletes,  young and old, males and females. They can be and are utilized in team workouts, individual workouts, Occupational and Orthopedic rehabilitation and injury prevention and recovery.

Ebay logo bõqs are available for purchase on Ebay.

For quantities above 15 pair, call or email for bulk pricing.

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bõq® “lunch and learns”
 To schedule a 30 minute session to help understand how to use and utilize bõqs® in your aquatic programming contact ARC2 enterprises.