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bõqs® Aquatic Fitness Equipment

bõqs® utilize omni-directional resistance without fighting flotation. Unlike “pool toy” exercise equipment such as foam dumbbells or pool noodles, bõqs® are made of a high-impact, recyclable, neutrally bouyant plastic. This allows them to float but prevents drag from excess bouyancy.

bõqs® are the PERFECT aquatic workout tool!

bõqs® are available for purchase on Ebay

For bulk orders, please contact us.

BOQUA aquatic fitness programs in Indianapolis

BOQUA® Aquatic Fitness

BOQUA® is athletics, aquatics and exercise put together in a fun, effective programming that allows you to get into great shape using safe, low-impact aquatic exercise. It is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in the water! 

With the BOQUA® fitness programs and utilizing the boqs® fitness equipment anyone can achieve safe and effective health and fitness gains.. Do you want to continue to fight gravity and its effects, or do you want to “fight” the water and be pain-free to play another day?

Boqs water fitness equipment for aquatic exercise

Meet Tom Ford

tom ford - indianapolis aquatic fitbness instructorFor over 30 years I have worked as an athletic trainer, personal trainer, educator and coach with such great organizations as VA Tech, Butler University, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Indiana Pacers, ACSM, NATA, IATA., the Indianapolis JCC and the Greater Indianapolis YMCA, to name a few. With the help of these institutions, their knowledge and guidance, I have been able to follow my passion and increase my knowledge to help people create a responsible and effective health for themselves. With my passion to help people, my love for athletics and the fact I have been around water my whole life, I have combined all three to create a fitness system that is truly effective, safe and fun!

For the past four years, through my company Arc2 Enterprises, I have been creating both programming and equipment that will revolutionize aquatic fitness. Utilizing the movement of athletics, omnidirectional resistance, and the resistance and safety of water, BOQUA® and bõq® have been born.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about this programming and equipment. I look forward to seeing you in the pool!

All the best,
Tom Ford